A Powerful Wraparound Services Platform.
Engineered for Today's Students.
Today’s students are burdened by an ever-increasing number of anxieties and responsibilities. For non-traditional students, relieving these burdens within the typical 9-to-5 workday isn't an option.

That's why Upswing built a unique Student Wraparound Services Platform aimed to help students who need it most, when they need it most. If a student needs help or reaches out - even if it’s 3am or Saturday morning - we’re there. Ready, able, and excited to help. Learn more about our solutions to support you and your students.
Wraparound Student Services Platform


Ana, your student’s virtual assistant, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), backed by an Upswing team of specialists, constantly monitoring interactions and responding accordingly. Whenever students need help, Ana is at the ready — 24/7, 365 days a year. Since Ana is always on, students don’t have to worry about office hours or long waits for appointments. In fact, being able to engage with students in real time is one of Ana’s biggest benefits. But that’s just the beginning. Ana was created to be a virtual assistant that reaches, relates to and retains your non-traditional students. Ana is designed to complement, enhance and extend the work you and your team do every day.

If you have any questions about Ana or would like to learn more about the different modules, we’d love to talk.


Upswing offers a ‘round-the-clock network of subject-matter tutors. Through Upswing Tutoring, students can schedule a tutoring session at a time that works for them, including after hours and on weekends — the times when most students are studying. More than 400 subjects are covered, with the ability to include your own campus tutors to the platform, as well. With Upswing Tutoring, it doesn’t matter when a student needs support as they will have a timely and seamless way to access the subject-specific help they need to succeed and persist.


Upswing Advising is the perfect extension to your advising program. With Upswing Advising students have an easy and effective way to connect your advising team. Upswing Advising can help with advising basics, such as course selection, program requirements and graduation registration while providing a seamless way for students to schedule and meet with their advisor — virtually, with no need to hike across campus or wait in a long line. Best of all, by taking care of routing time-consuming tasks, Upswing Advising gives your advisors a way to help the students who need it most, including first generation, adult, underrepresented and underserved students who may not be familiar with the advising process.

Mental Health Support

Now more than ever, access to mental health services is critical to the well-being and success of students across the country. This is why we have decided to offer support, coaching, and crisis management. It helps colleges and universities to reduce the stigma of seeking care, eliminate wait times for emotional support, and provides 24/7 mental health and emotional support. These resources extend the reach of campus health care resources with after-hours and weekend support when campus resources may not be available.

Writing Guide

The Upswing Writing Guide can help improve the quality of your students’ writing, uncovering subject-specific and foundational elements of the writing process that can be worked on. It’s easy to scale using your own campus writing tutors. Or you can tap into Upswing’s professional writing tutors to provide or bolster your campus writing program. The Upswing Writing Guide can also provide additional content for students, such as writing videos and a tool for looking up citations. It’s a great way to upgrade and extend the capabilities of your writing center.

Assignment Review

Upswing Assignment Review brings asynchronous tutoring online through the advanced virtual learning center platform. Students can easily upload assignments and receive feedback from writing and subject-matter tutors — meaningful, actionable feedback that helps students improve their conceptual understanding of how to write.

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