Upswing exists to empower historically marginalized people to achieve their life goals.

Upswing is a technology company founded on the premise that access to educational support services should be universal and free. By partnering with educational institutions, we provide students, staff, and admins with a modern student services experience that results in more students attaining a degree.

Dare to fly first

Education is under-resourced, under-staffed, and under-funded. Yet we’ve dared to fly. We take risks and seek opportunities because we believe that innovation is critical for paving the pathway forward for everyone.


Celebrate concrete roses

We celebrate those who have endured hardships, and despite their lack of opportunity, continue to fight. This is why we focus on non-traditional students. It’s why we question assumptions about what attributes make a team great.


Choose the harder right over the easier wrong

We value actions made for the right reasons, regardless of result. By aligning our decision-making with our mission, we can learn from failures while growing from successes without sacrificing who we are.

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