Online Student Engage

A proven approach to engaging and retaining more online students

A fully connected online experience

Engage more online students through interactive technology
Help online students feel better connected to your campus. Allow online students to interact with a real-time virtual assistant for school events, upcoming exams, and financial aid.
Connect more students with college support staff through a personalized online student platform. Services like tutoring, coaching, and advising can all be extended seamlessly to online students.
Gain insight into all of the interactions that online students have with support staff. View student engagement trends and performance over time. Know risk indicators and set-up real-time intervention.

Don't just take our word for it...

These colleges are building bridges for online students with Upswing
"Upswing has provided our online students with the flexibility to schedule tutoring around their schedule, while remaining in their home environment. Upswing also provides a very engaging environment for students, providing students with personal, one-on-one support."
Kimberly Phifer-McGhee

Director of Extended Studies

“The Upswing team is friendly, helpful, and timely with responses to questions or concerns. The fact that they listen to the needs of their clients to help make their product easier to use and more specific to the needs of our student athletes.”
Terri Craft

Dean of Academic Services & Assessment

"The usage of our student support services has doubled and this is a direct result of having Upswing available to all students across different campuses that take online courses. We fully believe these increased numbers are attributed to the ease of use of Upswing."
Neena Wilson

Math Center Coordinator

"The Upswing service is effective at increasing online student achievement, has a substantive impact on student grades, and significantly improves the GPA's of disadvantaged students. In short, Upswing works, and it works well."
Deborah Hardwick

Director of Online Tutoring

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