First-Year Student Engage

Help students transition to college life

Make the transition to college an enjoyable experience

A connected experience to reduce summer melt and first-year attrition
Walk first-year students through all of the important aspects of college, from financial aid to course registration.
Provide a support community to first-year students so that they can easily connect with college staff if they start to stray off course.
Provide reminders and check in on students throughout their first year to ensure that their transition to college is a successful one.

Don't just take our word for it...

These colleges are breaking down the first-year barrier with Upswing
"Upswing is helping our students tremendously, mainly because of accessibility. It is hard to be available to students 24/7 but this tool allows us to provide the support that they need! The staff at Upswing are extremely helpful and every time I have needed assistance they have been there with the solution. I would highly recommend this product!"
Amy Anderson

Director of Tutoring & Mentoring

"We have a very tech-savvy first-year student population, so we knew that we would need a system that would appeal to their demographic. Upswing has provided us with a way to more effectively serve students who benefit from student support, but prefer to meet with our support staff online from the comfort of their dorm room or apartment."
Kolene Mills

Director of Academic Tutoring

"Part of the reason why this has been a fantastic opportunity for us has been Upswing's ability to extend the reach and breadth of our academic support services. We've seen research-backed improvements in student persistence, retention, and graduation rates as a result of partnering with Upswing."
Derick Virgil

Dean of Academic Success

"I love that it's so easy to manage our own tutors' schedules using Upswing's platform. Students and tutors appreciate that they can manage their scheduled sessions from their phones & laptops. Some of our tutors are even tutoring online now!"
Jeffri Johnson Hodge

Coordinator of Tutoring & Disability Services

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