Tutoring Features You May Not Know About

Tutoring Features You May Not Know About

To promote inclusivity and accessibility in education, providing students with the necessary tools and support for success is crucial. Upswing’s tutoring platform offers an all-in-one tutoring solution for learning centers, academic support services, and other tutoring departments to bring their services online and manage their tutoring teams in one place.  When combined with an engaging tutoring marketplace where students can schedule directly with students, an accessible online classroom, and special tutoring features designed for college tutoring needs, Upswing’s tutoring platform is unmatched in quality, overall performance, and accessibility.

Customized and Convenient Tutoring Sessions

Students have the flexibility to choose between one-on-one or small-group settings, allowing them to create an optimal learning environment that suits their unique preferences and learning styles. Students can also meet immediately with tutors with no waiting queue or schedule sessions in advance. Upswing’s two-way scheduling feature empowers students to book tutoring sessions at their convenience, based on subject availability, but also allows tutors to schedule tutoring sessions directly with students. This feature is especially useful for embedded tutoring sessions or small group tutoring led by the tutor.

Specialized and Inclusive Academic Support

Upswing offers specialized tutoring types, such as academic coaching, designed to address specific academic challenges like time management and study skills. These targeted sessions give students the tools and strategies they need to succeed academically. With tutors fluent in various languages and subject-specific expertise, Upswing ensures that students receive targeted support tailored to their linguistic background and academic requirements. Upswing also has tutors trained to work with students who are hearing or visually impaired. This commitment to diversity and inclusivity ensures that every student has access to the assistance they need to succeed.

Upswing’s Virtual Learning Center (VLC)

At the heart of Upswing’s online tutoring platform is the Virtual Learning Center (VLC). This dynamic space facilitates real-time collaboration between students and tutors. Equipped with interactive tools such as whiteboards, chat features, and video capabilities, the VLC creates an immersive learning environment that promotes engagement and interaction. Upswing also requires all of its tutors to be on video for every session to help create a stronger connection with the students they work with.

Collaborative Data with Administrators

At Upswing, we are committed to improving with our partners as a team. Through Upswing’s administrator dashboard, partners and administrators are encouraged to manage their tutoring centers more efficiently by monitoring tutoring data. This includes understanding staffing needs, subject coverage, and usage down to the minute, all in one place. Upswing also provides tutoring session feedback to administrators for all sessions from the tutors’ and students’ perspectives. All data can be exported and customized based upon the reporting needs.

Inclusive Subjects

Upswing is dedicated to providing resources for all students, despite the variety of disciplines studied from school to school. Among more fundamental subjects such as Algebra, General Chemistry, and Intro to Statistics, we also cover niche topics like computer science, foreign languages, and subjects that are harder to staff like nursing. Committed to our mission, we also provide flexibility in expanding our subject coverage to meet the needs of our partners. If needed, Upswing can recruit and train tutors for any subjects not currently offered.

With a variety of unique learning features and an average tutor rating of 4.7/5, Upswing’s tutoring platform prides itself on making learning accessible and inclusive. Take advantage of our tutoring services today! Schedule a demo to learn more about Upswing’s tutoring platform and how it can benefit their institution or organization.

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